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Viva La Evolucion T-Shirt by Busted Tees September 26, 2015

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Viva La Evolucion T-Shirt

This Viva La Evolucion t-shirt is one of the more clever shirts from the College Humor guys at Busted Tees. This shirt should be handed out as standard issue to church youth groups throughout the midwest. Too bad it is only available in red. May be seen worn by actors such as Toby Maguire.

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Top Ten Lo Oddity Shoes by Adidas September 25, 2015

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Adidas Top Ten Lo Oddity

These original Adidas shoes have a style all their own with the combination of orange, blue, pink, and black colors. It is not clear what the name Top Ten Lo Oddity quite means. Watch for people like Kanye West wearing these shoes.

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Fashion Travesty of the Week – Jennifer Love Hewitt

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Jennifer Love Hewitt at The Kid’s Choice Awards.
Let Her Eat Cake.

Jennifer Love Hewitt

After photos of Jennifer Love Hewitt looking rather large in her bikini surfaced last year Jennifer Love Hewitt told the world, over and over again, that she was not fat and that she was just a victim of the unrealistic expectations society places on actresses to be thin. We all shed a tear for the girl and silently berated the society we created and this is how she thanks us, by dressing like she’s pregnant. Why do we even bother to care?


Spring Style Watch: Simple Sailor Chic September 24, 2015

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Simple Sailor Chic Do – Jenny McCarthy
Simple Sailor Chic Do – Jenny McCarthy
Simple Sailor Chic Don’t – Gwen Stefani
Simple Sailor Chic Don’t – Gwen Stefani

Zigzag Jacquard Coat by Walter September 23, 2015

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Zigzag Jacquard Coat in White

Trench coats are not just for flashers anymore! On a catwalk in Paris or on a city street, this white Zigzag Jacquard trench coat by Walter will keep you stylishly dry through the April showers. Side note, if you’re feeling risqué, keep the trench handy, flashing is an excellent seduction tool when used appropriately. Watch for styles like this to be worn by Madonna.

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Happy Hour Dress by Gina Michele September 22, 2015

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Happy Hour Dress by Gina Michele

Who says you can’t look good and save the environment at the same time? This Gina Michele Happy Hour Dress is totally biodegradable. Certainly named well, the Happy Hour Dress can easily go from evening casual to evening classic with its chic and well-tailored style. Don’t forget to mention how eco-friendly your Gina Michele Happy Hour dress is should you run into Leonardo DiCaprio…you know he’s all kinds of environmentally friendly.

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Menageri Lavender Dress by Pamela Thompson September 21, 2015

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Menageri Lavender Dress by Pamela Thompson

Sexy and easy to wear, dresses are ideal for the pre-summer slim down particularly this silk chiffon stunner by Pamela Thompson. The Menagerie Dress by Pamela Thompson (former designer for Heatherette and Betsey Johnson) gives a free flowing silhouette for a most feminine look and by adding the reversible silk tie belt, The Menagerie Dress by Pamela Thompson can be tightened to give you a more hourglass shape.

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Fashion Travesty of the Week – Kristen Cavallari September 20, 2015

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Kristen Cavallari

Kristen Cavallari showed her “support” for frenemy Lauren Conrad at the debut of Lauren Conrad’s Fall collection at Smashbox Studios in Los Angeles last week. Wearing a Lauren Conrad blue-green tank top, Kristen Cavallari proves that she can ruin even the simplest look in the name of friendship.

Easy Fix:
Never tie a billowy shirt off to the side, especially if it is sheer. A
silhouette is much sexier than an exposed midriff…at any indoor event.
Kristen should have tucked the tank into her jeans or let it flow over a
pair of sleek cigarette pants.


Fleur De Lis Crown Shirt by Hank Vintage Threads September 19, 2015

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Short Sleeve Fleur De Lis Crown Tee

This Fleur De Lis Crown women’s t-shirt by Hank Vintage Threads not only looks confortable, it has a great design featuring a large crown on the front. Also check out the small crown on the back. With an $80 price tag, this shirt is not cheap. This shirt is perfect for a celeb like Angelina Jolie.

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Heather Top Hat Ribbed Tights by Juicy Couture September 18, 2015

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Juicy Couture Ribbed Tights

With an elastic waistband and stretch all the way to your ankles, leggings are the perfect post-winter attire and thanks to Lindsay Lohan and these Heather Top Hat Ribbed Tights from Juicy Couture, leggings are making the move from day to night.

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